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My very own gatekeepers December 22, 2009

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Not only do the kids like to dig through my bags, but they’re convinced that I need help pulling my moto inside the gate.

Their idea of helping me is 1 or 2 or 3 of them piling on trying to help me drive.

These kids make me smile so much.


Fun with floss

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My neighborhood kids have a habit of inspecting any bags that I carry into the house. The other day they found dental floss and wondered what it was. I opened the package and demonstrated flossing. Of course, they wanted to try so we all pulled a piece of floss and they gave it their best shot. Iā€™m pretty sure they just liked the minty flavor more than the flossing.


Unwanted neighbors

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Thankfully I don’t have any trouble with unwanted houseguests in regards to rats! But outside once the cover of darkness falls…you better watch your step. šŸ™‚ This big guy showed up dead one morning next to our trash.