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Two roommates…or three…? May 31, 2009

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So I moved in with two Khmer girls, Pouv and Rotha, for a few weeks. We discussed that I had the option to live downstairs with them or have the upstairs room all to myself. Of course, being an American I chose the upstairs room all to myself. Or so I thought…

We enjoyed the evening together talking, playing games and “joking” about the rat they heard upstairs. I’m playing it cool on the outside, but really I’m paranoid about “the rat upstairs.” You see where this is going, don’t you?

I retired to my room for the evening. Confessional: I wished I had eyes in the back of my head, but instead I had shifty eyes, not wanting to suffer a surprise attack. I settled in and turned out the light which activated my imagination.

One minute can be very long when you’re sure something is creeping next to you that you can’t see. I flipped the light back on…in a flash I heard, then saw him (blurry without my glasses) skittering across the room on a ledge along the wall about eye level when I’m standing.

Not sure what shot up quicker, me or my heart rate, but with a muffled scream I jumped out of bed. Take a moment to enjoy the mental picture.

I live downstairs now 🙂


Man’s Best Friend

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(If you’re a dog lover…you should stop reading now.)

I can’t say that I’m surprised by this, but fascinated?… definitely. I live next to a row of food stands that serve dog meat. Apparently, eating dog meat is not widely practiced among Khmer people, it’s a custom brought in by the Vietnamese. However, they don’t seem to be lacking for business.

Confessional: I’m very curious about the dog meat business. Where do they get the dogs? Dog farms? Strays? Pet thieves?

Here’s what I’ve observed thus far:

Step One: Place dead dog on open flame to burn off hair.
Step Two: Take stiff, de-haired dog and proceed to butcher.
Step Three: Find a way to use all parts of the dog. And I do mean all parts.

Yesterday when I walked by I saw a dog chained to the wall with his little head poking out of a sack. I don’t think he had much time left.

So many questions, but I’m on the case. Stay tuned for further reporting…


if you could only see me now… May 24, 2009

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“if you could only see me now…”  this thought often crosses my mind…along with a running commentary in my mind about the amusing things i see and do in my day to day life here that i wish i could share.  so…without further ado i begin my blog.  i won’t claim to be a blogging rockstar, but i’ll give it my best shot.  hope you enjoy sharing these moments with me.